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UWTA Tournament Point Policies


The following definitions and policies are those of the UWTA. The definitions and policies set forth are requirements for participation in all UWTA competition divisions and may not be changed by anyone without the expressed written permission of the UWTA.   Should any questions arise regarding these definitions or practices, please direct all inquiries to the National Vice President of Tournaments.

Tournament Participation
In order to participate in any UWTA sanctioned tournament, a competitor must comply with all of the following requirements:
  1. Be in good standing with the UWTA and UTA. In good standing means that any member, regardless of rank belt or leadership collar, must have a current membership with the organization. A Certified Instructor must also have a current instructor's certification. NON UWTA MEMBERS MAY NOT PARTICIPATE. YOU MUST BE ENROLLED IN A CHARTERED UWTA SCHOOL TO BECOME A MEMBER.
  2. Be a member of and be training on a regular and consistent basis in the material that one wishes to compete with at a UWTA licensed school or club.
  3. Have his/her Instructor's permission to attend and compete.
  4. UWTA Members who are not training at a Chartered UWTA facility will not be allowed to earn points or compete in the UWTA "Final Four" black belt circuit and cannot participate in the UWTA's official Regional, National or International events (for clarification UWTA does support Goodwill games and Sac invitation; but, they are not official UWTA events, even though points can be earned by "Final Four" competitors at these events).

Failure to comply with any of the three requirements listed above will result in the competitor being denied to compete, or if discovered after the completion of the event, any points or place winnings will be nullified. The eligibility requirement is applicable for ALL competition divisions.
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