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Tournament Information, Registration and Finals

The United World Taekwondo Association supports the spirit of Taekwondo competition. The UWTA sanctions Regional, National, International and Grand National tournaments each year, with standardized rules and regulations to ensure student safety and fundamental fairness in judging. UWTA tournaments include both Olympic style and Point fighting divisions as well as the Kukkiwon Poomsae forms.


Each region within the organization is authorized to host Regional tournaments each year. Tournament sanctioning is required for Regional tournaments and all paperwork necessary to administer the tournament is supplied by National Headquarters along with mailing labels for all UWTA schools.


Black Belt competitors include a National Finals ranking system designed to support the spirit of competition. The UWTA provides a year long Black Belt National Point Fighting Championship circuit with Black Belts earning points in the National Standings for regional and national tournament competitions.


The UWTA conducts the Grand National Championships in Reno, NV in October. The Tournament of Champions Finals is held at the Grand National event with National titles being awarded to winners of each division. Regional Officer Meetings, school owner business seminars, International testing for 4th Dan and above, as well as other organizational meetings are held in conjunction with the International Testing and Tournament events.

Tournament Registration &
Black Belt Points
2022 Tournament Dates
Nationals 2022.jpg

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September 30 - October 1, 2022

UWTA Grand National Championships, Black Belt Test & Ceremony

October 22, 2022

Bay Area Regional

November 18-19, 2022

UWTA Colorado Regional Black Belt Testing & Tournament

December 3, 2022

Goodwill Championships

January, 2023

UWTA Regional Tournament

Additional Regional Tournaments will be uploaded shortly! Please check back soon!

2022 Tournament Rules

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Tournament Policies JPEG.JPG

All Competitors must have a VALID UWTA membership to compete and to Qualify for Championship Divisions. In addition, your personal UWTA membership must be kept current during and throughout the tournament year. This will be verified 30 days before the Final Four Competition.


Anyone whose membership is not current on the 30th day before the event, when the records are audited, will be removed from the Final Four list on that day (under no circumstance will they be reinstated to the list during the 30 days before the event). Your membership must also remain current through the 30 day period before the event.



Do you have questions about your points? For any questions about points, please click the button to ask our Points Master.

Black Belt Points

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A Note About Sparring Gear!

Sparring Gear Rules.png

All Sparring Gear MUST be foam dipped! Olympic sparring gear or padded foot gear is not allowed in point sparring. Olympic gear is only allowed in Olympic Sparring.

Plan your calendar now!
Upcoming tournament dates & Locations 

Northern California

Nationals 2022.jpg

2022 Grand National
Location: Reno Ballroom
401 N Center St, Reno, NV

Sep 30-Oct 1, 2022

___Goodwill UWTA.png

Goodwill Championships
Location: TBA
Sacramento, CA

December 3, 2022


Sacramento Invitational
Poomsae Points Awarded
Location: Antelope High School
Antelope, CA

February, 2023

UWTA Hanmadang 2022.jpeg

Hanmadang Festival
Location: TBA
Roseville, CA

August 6, 2022


tournament place holder].jpg

Taekwondo Games
Fort Collins, CO
Nov 18-19, 2022

Taekwondo Games
Fort Collins, CO
April, 2023


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