This text book is written both in Korean & English, contains all updated data of TKD and illustrated with three dimensional physical motions for reader for easy and deep understanding. it has QR codes on the hard cover and also on poomsae pages for reader to better understand the poomsae motions. highly recommendable for all TKD players.

• edited by Kukkiwon(world taekwondo headquater) 
• language : Korean and English
• contents
  - chapter 1; History of Taekwondo
  - chapter 2; Philosophy of Taekwondo Spirit
  - chapter 3; Scientific Basis of Taekwondo
  - chapter 4; Instruction of Taekwondo
  - chapter 5; Basic Motions of Taekwondo
  - chapter 6; Poomsae
  - chapter 7; Taekwondo Kyorugi
  - chapter 8; Taekwondo Demonstration
  - chapter 9; Taekwondo Competition Rules and Interpretation
  - chapter 10; Training of Taekwondo Players
  - chapter 11; Prevention of Injuries in Taekwondo
  - appendix
789 pages in total

Kukkiwon Taekwondo Textbook