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About UWTA

The UWTA was founded by Grand Masters Jong H. Lee and Clinton Robinson. It has been in operation since 1993. Since its inception, the UWTA has worked hard to create standardized teaching systems and special programs that not only raises the quality of a schools instruction; but, also helps create a high level of excellence in our students who develop into well rounded, socially grounded and successful Taekwondo practitioners. Our training systems focus on all aspects of self; body, mind and spirit. Our product is strong, independent individuals who are able to excel in our society.


As we have grown, we have also positioned ourselves as a global leader by partnering with the Kukkiwon. The Kukkiwon is considered to be the gold star standard by all practitioners of Taekwondo worldwide, and is held in the highest esteem. Because of our strategic partnership with the Kukkiwon, it has allowed the UWTA to enjoy unprecedented growth. We have taken our teaching systems and combined them with the Kukkiwon's methodoligies, which has helped us develop into the fastest growing Taekwondo organization in America. In more recent years, we have also expanded into an International Taekwondo organization with schools in South America, Europe, Israel and Canada. By creating nationally and internationally recognized programs that provide education, innovation and research, while forwarding the art of Taekwondo with excellence, our member schools and their students have grown as well.


As the UWTA has cultivated and grown our partnership with the Kukkiwon, it has allowed our students the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of both national and international Black Belt Dan ranking. Rank issued to our students via the Kukkiwon is the only rank recognized by the USA Taekwondo organiation for sanctioned State and National events as well as membership on the U.S. Team. Kukkiwon rank is also required for any Taekwondo athlete to compete on university teams as well as on the international level. The Kukkiwon rank is also essential for participation in International and Olympic competition and we have enjoyed seeing some of our students compete at these levels as they represent the UWTA. 


Currently, the UWTA is working to expand its sphere of influence by partnering with individual schools, and producing partnerships with lasting results. We have worked diligently to create quality programs that will not only increase the excellence of a schools Taekwondo programs, but will also help raise up leaders who will in turn work to develop the sport of Taekwondo within their countries and communities. It is through these leaders that the spirit of Taekwondo can be seen and lives changed for the better. 


As we go forward, the UWTA is committed to globalizing Taekwondo, growing our leaders around the world, and strengthening our organizations position on the national and international Taekwondo stage. However, we know that this must be done with humility and integrity, while modeling the Taekwondo spirit. If you are interested in being a part of the UWTA as a member school, we would love to talk to you, so we invite you to click on the link below to see the benefits we can offer you.

Our Mission
Our Mission

The UWTA is a Global Taekwondo Organization.  The primary mission of the UWTA is to be a business support organization that provides Taekwondo school operators with a high quality curriculum, advanced teaching system, proven business strategy and an environment where they can train and enjoy their own Taekwondo journey.  The UWTA provides school owners and operators guidance to ensure their Dojangs are aligned with international curriculum and promotional standards as set by the Kukkiwon and utilized for competition by the World Taekwondo Federation and National Governing Bodies in each Country. 


The UWTA also provides a tournament circuit that is designed to ensure all students have access to a safe competition environment where they can hone their competition skills, gain valuable experience and better prepare themselves for entrance into their National, International and World Class competition.   


The UWTA does not compete with National Governing Bodies in foreign countries. The UWTA sees itself in a support role by creating successful Dojangs that provide all Taekwondo students with a rich cultural exposure to Taekwondo, and a place where future athletes can be created.

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Our Sponsors

Thank you to the organizations who partner with us and support the UWTA!

We are proud to have organizations within the communities we service, support our efforts by extending discounts and services to our customer base. If you are interested in being an organization that supports the UWTA, please feel free to contact us through our Contact Us page.

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