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Our Advantage

Joining any organization is a big step, but one that can bring great benefits to your school and students! The UWTA offers a wide range of benefits from curriculum and business tools to tournament and testing support with the highest standards of excellence to those who wish to join our organization. So what's in it for you? We're glad you asked! As you look below, you will see that the benefits of being a member of the UWTA are sure to surpass your expectations, and we look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about joining our organization!

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Business Support

When you are successful, we are successful! We offer a broad base of support to all of our member schools by offering:


  • UWTA Business College for new school start ups. 

    • Everything you need to know to start a school!

    • Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Taxes, Location scouting and more.

  • Monthly School Owners Meetings

  • Bi-Annual School Owners Business Seminars

  • Regional Officers Quarterly Training Seminars

  • Quarterly Newsletter

  • Website and Database Support

  • Access to the broad depth of knowledge of our Grand Masters and Chief Masters who have a wealth of information and talent to share from a personal, business and professional standpoint.

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Club Programs

We offer multiple Club programs that help grow not only the individual, but the depth of your students knowledge as well as the concept of responsibility to give back.


Black Belt Club - UWTA Program

  • Program designed for all colored belt levels (White-Red)

  • Program will give the club members an enhanced journey as they promote thru the ranks to black belt

  • Individual goals and objectives are set, monitored and adjusted during monthly training sessions.

  • Each student will receive a Black Belt Club training handbook


Taekwondo Tigers Program - UWTA Program

  • Program designed for children age 3-5

  • Children in this program work on age appropriate mental and physical skills along with Taekwondo

  • Weekly themes include:  Focus, Teamwork, Control, Balance, Memory, Discipline and Fitness

  • Each weeks them is supported with games and mat chats with the instructor

  • Taekwondo program has curriculum tied to each belt level and tournament divisions based on belt level.

Junior Leadership Program - UWTA Program

  • Program designed for all black belts under age of 15

  • For developing Black Belts into future leaders in the school, society and beyond.

  • Each student will receive a Jr. Leadership Handbook and Uniform
    Leadership Club members will volunteer to student teach one class each week 


Instructor Trainee Program - UWTA Program

  • Program designed for ages 15 and up (or 4th Poom Black Belts)

  • Develop your skills as an instructor under the guidance of your Master Instructor

  • Learn the UWTA Structured Teaching system

  • Each Instructor Trainee will receive an Instructional Handbook and Uniform

  • Must complete 300 Instructor Trainee instruction hours and be 16 to apply for their Instructor certification.

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Class Management & Teaching Systems

Though a school may use any teaching system you desire, we have spent a considerable amount of time, testing, refining and crafting our UWTA Teaching System and Class Management programs.


The benefits of using our program are:

  • Focused 8 week Standardized Curriculum

  • Standardized training manuals

  • Curriculum structured to address foundational concerns by belt level

  • Optional Rotating curriculum systems

  • Incorporation of standardized self defense techniques into your curriculum

    • Emphasizing real world application

    • Development of spatial recognition

    • Development of situational awareness

    • Role play and scenario specific application

  • Jr. Leadership training program is designed to teach our junior black belts the leadership skills needed to perform the duties of a black belt at their individual rank levels.  Junior leaders are taught how to handle rank, authority, and the responsibility that comes with rank.  As a Junior Leader the young black belts develop leadership skills that stay with them for a life time.

  • We provide both a Certified Instructor and Trainee Instructor Course

  • Trainee Instructor Program

    • Developing Black Belts with a passion to teach into Certified Instructors.

    • They will work towards being able to participate in the Certified Instructors course and must complete 300 hours of student teaching before becoming eligible to be a Certified Instructor.

  • Certified Instructor Program

    • Once a Trainee Instructor has passed their 300 hours of student teaching they can apply to become a Certified Instructor

    • Black Belts who are already Certified Instructors must re-certify every two years.

    • Instructors from new schools entering the UWTA must attend the next available Certified Instructors Course no matter what your rank is.

Business Support
Club Programs
Class Management

Color Belt Testing

The UWTA follows stringent testing requirements for all of our color belt students. Strict adherence to these standards helps our students as they train, knowing that their training must remain consistent in order to meet the requirements of each belt level. We incorporate specific time in grade requirements in addition to class hour requirements.


Upon completion of your schools rank testing, we provide our member schools with a business portal for processing your students test results. Through this system we are able to; process and provide you with formal, officially printed certificates, track an individual's rank promotions, and provide a way for you to pay your testing fees online. Upon receipt of all required information and payments, we mail your certificates out quickly so that each school can celebrate their accomplishments in a timely manner.

Black Belt Testing

The UWTA follows the Kukkiwon black belt testing requirements and requires mid-term testing by all black belts. Our black belts are expected to know all of the Kukkiwon forms as well as demonstrate proficiency in self defense one-steps and board breaking. We hold testing for the rank of Black Belt and Black Belt rank promotion twice a year in October and March.


We conduct regularly sanctioned UWTA tournaments across all geographic areas of operation. In addition to our focus on high quality tournaments, we have worked diligently to create a comprehensive judging certification process with guidelines for running a tournament. These guidelines have been put in place by our National Vice President of Tournaments, in conjunction with the Executive board of the UWTA. Judging seminars and certification opportunities are conducted twice yearly. We expect all of our instructors to certify as a judge, and additionally, certify as a time keeper/score keeper. This insures a complete understanding of the judging processes and contributes to a well run tournament.


Our tournaments may involve all or some of the following: Poomsae, Technical Poomsae, Point Sparring, Olympic Sparring, and Board Breaking. The Olympic sparring aspect of our tournaments is judged by judges who are USAT certified. 


Tournaments are held on an ongoing basis, and black belts who compete and place will be able to accumulate points towards the International Championships Final 4 competition held in October in Reno, Nevada.

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Special Training & Certification Programs

The UWTA provides enhanced training programs, certifications and credentials in our Training for Trainers courses. These courses are geared towards our Instructors, Students and Student Leaders.

  • Ho Sin Sul Certification Course

  • Pressure Point Control Course

  • Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Grappling Courses

  • Basic Judo

  • Technical Poomsae Courses

  • Olympic & Point Sparring Courses

  • Traditional Weapons Training (Bo-Staff, Nunchuck, Escrima, Knife, Tonfa, Long Sword)

  • UWTA Instructor Certification Course

  • UWTA Master Training Program

  • UWTA Black Belt Examiners Course

  • UWTA Judges Certification Training Program (Level I-III)

  • Kukkiwon Master Instructor Licensing Course (Level I-III)

  • Kukkiwon Examiners License Course (Level I-III)

  • Kukkiwon Hanmadang Judging License (I-III)

  • Taekwondo Tiger Instructor Training Course-How to implement & teach

  • Black Belt Club Instructor Training Course-How to implement & teach

  • Women's Self Defense

  • and More!

The BEST return on investment you'll ever make!


Joining the UWTA has never been easier or more affordable. The UWTA School and Club Charter Fees are as follows:

Start up fee: $500.00

Annual Fee: Our annual fees are highly competitive and coupled with our profit sharing philosophy, you will find our costs well below market pricing. Email us directly for more details.




Kit Includes:


UWTA Patches

Instructor Certification



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