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Our Mission

The UWTA is a Global Taekwondo Organization.  The primary mission of the UWTA is to be a business support organization that provides Taekwondo school operators with a high quality curriculum, advanced teaching system, proven business strategy and an environment where they can train and enjoy their own Taekwondo journey.  The UWTA provides school owners and operators guidance to ensure their Dojangs are aligned with international curriculum and promotional standards as set by the Kukkiwon and utilized for competition by the World Taekwondo Federation and National Governing Bodies in each Country. 


The UWTA also provides a tournament circuit that is designed to ensure all students have access to a safe competition environment where they can hone their competition skills, gain valuable experience and better prepare themselves for entrance into their National, International and World Class competition.   


The UWTA does not compete with National Governing Bodies in foreign countries. The UWTA sees itself in a support role by creating successful Dojangs that provide all Taekwondo students with a rich cultural exposure to Taekwondo, and a place where future athletes can be created.

UWTA Logo New.png
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TKD WON 2.jpeg


July 27, 2024

  • Business Training with Grandmaster Robinson

August 3, 2024

  • Sacramento Regional Tournament

August 10, 2024

  • High Rank PreTest

September 21, 2024

  • National Judges' Certification & Training

September 27-28, 2024

  • Grand National Championships

  • National Fall Black Belt Testing

  • 2025 Kick Off Tournament

  • National Black Belt Tea Ceremony

  • Awards Dinner & Celebration

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